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Clear: from anti-dandruff shampoo brand to scalp care expert


It’s the world’s best-selling shampoo for men and the No.1 anti-dandruff shampoo brand in three of our biggest haircare markets. Here’s how scalp care innovation, purpose and proven results are boosting Clear’s growth.

White bottles of Clear anti-dandruff shampoo. Unilever’s Clear shampoo uses ingredients such as niacinamide to treat dandruff

How it started

Clear made its debut as a small anti-dandruff shampoo brand in Italy in 1975. Back then it was sold as Clinic, before re-launching as Clear in 1982 and reaching markets all over the world.

Specialising in scalp care technology developed by scientists at the Clear Institute in Paris, Clear became the first shampoo brand to address recurrent dandruff by treating the scalp.

A photo of three All Clear shampoo bottles from the 1980s, the early days of Unilever’s Clear shampoo history

The brand’s pioneering work to explore the difference between male and female scalp biology led to a new wave of customised solutions. Acting on the insight that men’s scalps produce 60% more sebum than women’s, Clear created targeted products to deliver rapid, long-lasting dandruff prevention, and dermatologists endorsed its results.

From the outset, Clear broke the mould for anti-dandruff shampoo advertising, standing out from competitors by featuring celebrities in commercials and focusing on resilience and results rather than the fear of flakes.

How it’s going

Clear has grown consistently for the past three years (post-pandemic) and is now the world’s No.1 male shampoo brand,* and the No.1 anti-dandruff shampoo in three of Unilever’s biggest haircare markets: South-East Asia, Brazil and Turkey.

Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is pictured with a bottle of Unilever’s Clear anti-dandruff shampoo. His CR7 range was advertised as the best- ever Clear shampoo for men

Sold in more than 60 markets across the globe, Clear has evolved beyond dandruff removal to address holistic scalp problems. It’s an authority on all types of scalp care, with products in the range addressing a spectrum of consumer needs from deep cleansing, nourishment, itchy scalp and grease to sophisticated new treatments which help prevent hair fall from the roots.

Designed by scalp care experts, every product in the portfolio combines unbeatable dandruff performance with clinically proven scalp skincare technology to boost resilience against internal and external scalp aggressors.

As the first brand to introduce customised anti-dandruff solutions for men, Clear has been leading the expansion of the male shampoo category with strong results. The brand’s entire core men’s shampoo line is now enriched with sunflower seed oil and glycine, ingredients designed to strengthen men’s weaker scalp skin barrier and help prevent recurring dandruff.

Worldwide, Clear’s best-seller is the Clear Men Cool Sport Menthol shampoo, a product designed to remove, resist and prevent dandruff while providing a cooling sensation that keeps the hair and scalp feeling fresh.

And Cristiano Ronaldo, renowned as one of the greatest footballers of all time, has been a Clear spokesman for many years and collaborated with the brand to co-create the Clear Men Legend Shampoo by CR7 – a product advertised as the ‘best-ever Clear shampoo for men’.

The purpose that powers it

Growing social anxiety, especially performance anxiety, is affecting young people’s mental wellbeing all over the world. It impacts their stress levels, their confidence – and their scalp health.

Footballers celebrating. Some are using crutches. Their shirts feature the logo of Unilever’s Clear anti-dandruff shampoo

That’s why Clear is a brand built on clear-head confidence – and its purpose is all about empowering people with a clear head and boosting their performance in life.

Recurring scalp problems are more than skin deep. They can worsen social anxiety, while daily stress may also trigger dandruff and scalp problems. It’s a cycle which Clear wants to empower everyone to break, so they can face anxiety head-on and perform at their best.

Clear’s approach goes beyond simply eliminating dandruff. Its formulas also focus on preventing its return, promoting a problem-free, fresh, resilient scalp.

The brand’s ads are a source of empowerment, not anxiety, recognising that stereotypes can contribute to feelings of anxiety and perpetuate negative self-perception. That’s why Clear’s communications don’t depict people embarrassed by their dandruff or scalp conditions. The conversation is more around taking action and feeling confident in Clear’s proven efficacy.

Clear has also partnered with the Resilience Research Centre since 2021 on its Clear Head Project – an initiative designed to empower young people who are navigating an epidemic of anxiety. The goal: equipping them with self-efficacy, enabling them to manage challenging emotions and, as a result, experience reduced dandruff.

Clear relaunched its purpose in China earlier this year with a music video starring pop singer and Clear ambassador Jackson Yi. The film received more than 200 million impressions and attracted engagement from over 1 million fans during a live-stream launch event.

Watch the video below.


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According to five clinical studies conducted by Intertek in China on 122 females in 2020; Sino-German Union Cosmetic Institute (SGCI) on 41 females and 19 males in 2021; SGCI on 60 males in 2021; SGCI on 40 females and 20 males in 2021; Guangzhou Quality Supervision and Testing Institute on 71 males in 2021.


Proteolytic enzymes (proteases) are enzymes involved in the hair shedding process. They can break down follicle structure proteins holding hair root anchored to the scalp.


According to clinical studies conducted by Intertek in China, on 122 females in 2019 and SinoGerman, China, on 60 males in 2022.

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