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Want to be a hero for change?


Heroes for Change is a volunteer programme in Kenya that provides a platform for college students to make a difference.

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The programme will recruit and train 100 students from five universities in Kenya; namely Strathmore University, University of Nairobi (Main Campus), University of Nairobi (Lower Kabete), Jomo Kenyatta of Agriculture and Technology, Kenyatta University.

Students will be taken through a rigorous training of our programmes below in order to become agents of change.

  1. Lifebuoy School of Five Programme which motivates children to practice handwashing with soap during the 5 key occasions
  2. Lifebuoy Super School of Five Programme in partnership with Sightsavers. The programme motivates children to practice hand and face washing during the 5 key occasions with the aim to prevent Trachoma
  3. Lifebuoy Neonatal Programme that motivates new mothers to practice handwashing across critical occasions before touching the baby
  4. Blueband Good Breakfast Programme teaches children about the importance of a daily nutritious breakfast
  5. Pepsodent Brush Day and Night Programme teaches children the importance of good oral hygiene and encourage brushing twice a day

Want to be a Hero for Change? Email the following details to or via whatsapp on 0799581781

  • Name & surname
  • ID number
  • Student number
  • University name & campus
  • Hometown
  • Contact number
  • Email address
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