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Have your choice with royco


Unilever re-introduces kenyan family favorite original royco mchuzi mix in response to consumer demand

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Kenyans are now a happy lot after Unilever announced the re-introduction of one of its most popular brands, Original Royco Mchuzi Mix, back in the market with a campaign dubbed ‘Voice Your Choice’. The product will now be available alongside the enhanced variant, Royco Sundried Mchuzi Mix which was launched in the market in September 2016.

Speaking at the re-launch event, Unilever Marketing Director for Foods and Refreshments, Agness Kitololo said, “We have always said that our consumers are the heart of our business and we aim to satisfy their needs above all else. Our prioritization of their needs is what has enabled us to remain market leaders for so long.

Our consumers have told us that while they like and appreciate Royco Sundried, they miss the Royco Original mchuzi mix that they have grown to know and love for many years. To this end and in order to ensure we cater to all our consumers’ preferences, we are re-introducing the Original variant of Royco to co-exist in the market with Royco Sundried so our consumers can now have their choice.”

Aimed at recreating authentic taste and aroma of Kenyan food, the re-introduction of Original Royco solidifies the brand’s foray into the spices category and is in line with the brands mission of enhancing the taste and flavor of foods.

“With Original Royco back in the market, we are able to reach consumers who enjoy a classic, original taste while consumers who prefer Royco Sundried will experience a rich, sundried taste,” added Kitololo.

Some of the natural ingredients used to create both Royco Original and Sundried include corn starch, salt, sugar, coriander, fennel seeds, turmeric, garlic, cumin and methee seeds among others.

“From farm-to-fork, both Royco variants retain the natural goodness of produce, thus helping the homemaker enrich everyday meals with extra flavors and extra joy, thereby, delivering the highest quality and a superior sensorial experience” commented Unilever’s Head of Nutrition for Kenya, Phyllis Obote, during the event.

With the ‘Voice Your choice’ campaign, Royco sought to engage its consumers and food enthusiasts to choose their preferred variant, an intiative that was sparked by overwhelming consumer feedback over the past few months. The campaign, which has run for the past three weeks, has been endorsed by popular radio personalities, Maina Kageni and Mwalimu King’ang’i and well-known food experts and online personalities, Chef Ali Mandhry and Kaluhi Adagala of Kaluhi’s Kitchen.

Royco Mchuzi Mix has been a Kenyan family favourite for over 60 years since its launch in 1955. It is one of Unilever Kenya’s top three brands. Royco Original and Royco Sundried are available for purchase in supermarkets and local dukas nationwide.

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